Mini Express (20 mins)     £18.00                                        

Incorporates cleanse, mask, tone and moisturise, great if you are limited for time.        


Teen Facial (40 mins)     £25.00                 

Cleanse, steam & ozone, mask, tone and moisturise 


Prescription Facial (60 mins)     £35.00

Following skin analysis, products will be prescribed for your skins specific needs. Treatment includes deep cleanser, revitalising exfoliation, comedone extraction, deep tissue massage, mask, moisturise & eye gel          


  1. Nourishing - for dry, mature skins to rehydrate, revitalise & relieve dry, tight sensation

  2. Equalising - rebalancing oily & combination skin to help restore the correct PH balance               

  3. Soothing - for delicate skin


Purity Facial (80 mins)     £45.00                 

Introducing ozone to the prescriptive facial which can help purify skin, rectify skin blemishes and improve the tone of  the skin, leaving your skin soft and glowing


Diamond Tip Abrasion - Mechanical exfoliation without the use of crystals, chemicals or laser. It gently works away tired aged surface skin layers to enable new skin cell regeneration. This will leave the skin looking rejuvenated and radiant whilst reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

30 minute facial                            £30.00

60 minute facial                            £50.00

Course of 6 (30 mins)                   £170.00

Course of 6 (60 mins)                   £285.00

Our therapists will be happy to discuss your needs and requirements with you and will then make recommendations regarding which treatment you may prefer

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