Shrinking Violet

Shrinking Violet is a body wrap slimming system featuring a synergistic blend of ingredients designed to promote a slimmer, leaner silhouette.    


The treatment lasts for 90 minutes and includes a full consultation, measuring and body brushing  circulation.  The Shrinking Violet Inch Loss oil is then applied; you are then wrapped in a specially formulated wrapture before lying on a cosy, warm bed for an hour. During this time you will have a face and scalp massage.  At the end of the treatment the wrapture is removed, any excess product massaged in and then you will be re-measured to show you where and how much inch loss you have achieved.

The number of sessions depends on the individual. Most clients will need maintenance treatments once or twice a year after the initial course of six treatments.

One 90 minute treatment      £55.00

A course of six treatments     £300.00